Volunteer Spotlight: Ashley Marsh

Volunteer Picture
Ashley Marsh is a TCU student majoring in Child Development with a minor in Speech Language Pathology.  Ashley was born and raised in Plano and is interested in a career working with children who have learning differences and behavioral disorders.  She heard about Child Study Center’s exceptional Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program from a classmate.  Ashley volunteers in ABA as a Facilitator two afternoons a week.  Ashley finds volunteering very rewarding.  She enjoys seeing the children progress and has learned a lot. Pia, one of our Behavior Technicians, put together this fun little song about Ashley:

Look at this girlIsn’t she neat?Wouldn’t you think her attitude is great? Wouldn’t you think she’s the girl The girl who does everything?   Look at her love Stories untold How many kinds do you think her arms can hold? Lookin’ around here you’d think Sure She’s does everything   She does homework and projects of plenty She’s still learning and listening galore You want essays written? She’ll write twenty Is she busy? No big deal She wants more   She wants to be where the kiddies are She wants to see, wanna see ’em playing’ Walkin’ around in those—what do ya’ call ’em?—oh, Crocs.   Flippin’ your binder you don’t get too far Ashley is needed for playing, teaching Bowling a ball towards—what’s that word again?–Pins.   Up where kids play Up where kids learn Up where kids stay all day on the swing Wanderin’ free She volunteers At part of our ORG What would we giveIf we could haveHer volunteering? What would she do To spend a day Working with kids? Bet ya the staff They understand And that they appreciate her Bright young woman Eager and willing Ready to serve   And she is ready to know what the people know She’ll ask her questions And get some answers What’s a token and why does it—what’s the word?—earn?   When’s it your turn? Wouldn’t you love Love to volunteer at our org? At C-S-C Wish you could be Part of our org   At C-S-C Wish you could be Part of our ORG

Thank you, Ashley for volunteering here and making a difference in the lives of the children we serve!