"The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that before prescribing medicine to a young child, heathcare providers refer parents to training in behavior therapy. However, according to the Vital Signs report, about 75% of young children being treated for ADHD received medicine, and only about half received any form of psychological services, which might have included behavior therapy."

Child Study Center agrees with the CDC on its recommendation for behavior therapy before medicine for young children, and have even hired a psychologist, Dr. Reagan Lynn Kinnear, to provide services including behavior management therapy for children and parents. Dr. Kinnear comes to us from the Kennedy Krieger Institute, and will join our team in August. Dr. Kinnear's program will provide behavior therapy for parents and children, and will be non-diagnosis specific. Modifying behavior can be just as effective as medicine, and we are thrilled to add Dr. Kinnear's skill set to our repertoire of services.


Read the full article by the CDC here.