"My child has never been evaluated or diagnosed...
what can I expect from Child Study Center?"

Our specialists will work hand-in-hand with your family.

From expert evaluation and diagnosis to scientifically-proven treatment plans tailored to get results, we provide a full spectrum of services, resources and ongoing support for children with complex developmental disabilities and their families. 

Evaluation Guide

  • We review all child records and conduct a developmental interview with parents. We utilize rating scales of behavior with parents and teachers.
  • Our clinicians may do some form of standardized testing with your child

Why Child Study Center

  • Your child is treated by subspecialty-trained pediatricians and world-class clinicians.
  • We are one of the few centers in the nation offering such services under one roof.
  • We are making real progress in children’s lives through scientifically proven methods.

Additional Resources

  • From a handy milestones checklist to agencies that provide developmental screening services to parenting resources, check out this list and quick links to get answers, options, and support.