Evaluation Guide

Understanding our evaluation process.

Your child will be evaluated by a Developmental Pediatrician, Nurse Practitioner, or Psychologist. In evaluating your child, the clinician will review your child's records and conduct parent interviews to understand your child's development in the following areas: Medical History, Academic/Learning Development, Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Functioning. It is very helpful to obtain rating scales from parents and teachers who know the child best. The clinicians need information on how the child is able to function in their home and school settings. As a parent, your insights and observations about your child are invaluable. The clinician may also do testing with your child. This will vary depending on your child’s age, concerns, as well as by the provider. Testing can include evaluation of your child's basic language, developmental, and social interaction. If your child is being evaluated by a psychologist, the testing may be more comprehensive. A physical exam, such as x-rays or lab work, may be recommended.

After reviewing records and information from the parent interview, teacher/parent rating scales, as well as the child's test results, the clinician will determine whether your child's difficulties meet the criteria for a diagnosis. Clinicians take into account how severe the problem is as well as the negative impact on the child’s functioning at home, school, and with peers.