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The Voices Of Hope That Keep Us Inspired.

We have been so blessed to receive such amazing treatment at the Child Study Center. Our lives have been forever changed for the better, and we will never have enough words to thank them for all they have done for Caleb and our family.

Mandy B.

We would not be where we are today without the Child Study Center and their efforts on behalf of children like our son. His time at the Center helped him learn skills that he can use throughout his life. Their patience, understanding and perseverance made an enormous difference for our family. Our son is now a self-confident, well rounded 18 year old who will graduate from high school this year and has started his journey toward a career in firefighting.

Dana and Joe M.

The Child Study Center has been a tremendous blessing in the lives of our children. They have addressed physical ailments and impairments, provided poignant counseling, and given us the educational tools we need to be better parents and a stronger family.

Elizabeth and Mike G.

Before Joel came to the Child Study Center, we rarely got to hear his sweet voice. He is now a talkative 11-year- old who has made significant progress. We are thankful for the Center's commitment and endless energy – it has been transformational for our family.

Paul C.

We quickly discovered this program is not just for Jack, it is for the whole family. This program incorporates parents, siblings, extended family and even friends. Jack's tutors have become an integral part of our lives. Jack is an active, creative, and resourceful five-year old. His welcoming brown eyes are windows into the precocious and funny child he has become since joining the Child Study Center.

Natalie N.

We are very grateful and have been tremendously blessed by the Child Study Center.

Melanie F.

The doctors at the Child Study Center have addressed physical ailments and impairments, provided poignant counseling and have given us the educational tools we need to be better parents and a stronger family.

Mike G.