Honor Memorium 


In Honor of Mary Walker Meadows Foose:

  • Mrs. Louise Adaline and family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bass
  • Marty and Mike Craddock
  • Shari and Philip Cornies
  • Paige and Bob Russey
  • Beverly and Mike Reilly
  • Mr. and Mrs. Marc B. Smith, Jr.
  • Mr. Martin Yung
  • Mr. and Mrs. Karl Komatsu
  • Mr. Brad Alford
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Watkins
  • Mrs. Patricia Purvis
  • Hatton W. Sumners Foundation, Inc.
  • Frost Bank
  • Mrs. James C. Fuller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Eason
  • Mr. William Gracey
  • Ms. Cathie Jackson
  • Marci & Ned Stocker
  • Woodhouse Family Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Leland Clemons

In Honor of Clients and Colleagues of Whitney Smith Company

  • The Whitney Smith Company

In Honor of Lauren Clifton

  • Tonye Shirey

In Honor of Margaret Doak

  • A. D. Doak
  • Kathleen Thompson

In Honor of Martha Grable

  • Kim Martin

In Memory of Marian Jackson

  • Rebecca Basham
  • Irving Book Review Club
  • Don King
  • Tanya Lee
  • Chris Neville
  • James Pope
  • Larry Rushing
  • Amelia S. Binder
  • Bible Survey Class of The First Baptist Church
In Honor of Luke Johnson
  • Tonye Shirey

In Honor of Dr. Joyce E. Mauk

  • Bob Russey

In Honor of Lucy R. Muse

  • Larry D. Eason

In Honor of Sean Pistocco

  • Tonye Shirey

In Honor of Geneva Virginia

  • Tonye Shirey

In Honor of William "Don" Mathis

  • Pat Merrill

In Honor of Benjamin Adams

  • Shelby Adams

In Honor of Mr. Foster Nelson

  • Mark McConnell
  • Angela Moody
  • Monica Parkison
  • Edward McCullough
  • Paul Campbell
  • Ed Ellis
  • Peter Dahlberg
  • Mitzi Davis
  • John McClane
  • Gail Rawl
  • Richard Greenman
  • Martin MCDonald
  • Nancy McCoy
  • James Osborn 
  • Benge Daniel
  • Edward Stocker
  • Susan Pratt
  • Carol Witcher
  • Ralph Campbell
  • Mary Perry
  • John Meyer
  • Martha Leonard
  • Cindy Lawrence
  • Sandra Pepe
  • Debra Aitchison
  • Virginia Collett
  • Steve Swenson
  • Debbie Dewees
  • Samuel Dodson
  • Sam Hulsey
  • Bev and John Snyder
  • Robert Cotham
  • Amanda Milligan
  • Emmy Prescott
  • Glen Hiner
  • Howard Evans
  • Paula Hoover
  • Paul Baszucki
  • Margaret Farrell
  • Chris Athon
  • Frank A. Bailey
  • Paige & Bob Russey
  • Roger Gates
  • Carol P. Langdon
  • Deborah Larson
  • Bill Massa
  • John W. McMackin
  • Mike Sharpe
  • Peninsula Senior Care
  • Terry Pruitt
  • Elizabeth Ray
  • William Scearce
  • Karen Scharbauer
  • Grady Shropshire
  • Nancy Thompson
  • Raleigh Elizabeth 

In Memory of Laura Payne O'Callaghan

  • Pat Merrill
In Honor of The Porter Family
  • J. Michael Douglass

In Honor of Ethan Groblebe

  • Julie Jarvis

In Honor of Mrs. W. C. Merrill

  • Phyllis Carter

In Honor of Justin Adams

  • Benjamin Adams
In Memory of Kimball Watson
  • Earle Shields

In Memory of  Austin & Greg Doak and Grandmother Mary Thompson

  • Bob Blakewell

In Honor of Lisa Nguyen

  • Alvin Lee

In Honor of Wyatt Merchant

  • Joe Mehlmann

In Honor of Mrs. Clyde S. McCall & Mrs. Robert Clayton Mays

  • Cameron Newberry

In Memory of Wayman "Sam" Burgees

  • Marci Stocker

In Honor of Mary Beth Hartman

  • David Weeks

In Memory of Lloyd Waver

  • Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

In Memory of Kent W. Ramon

  • Connie Davis
  • Anne Ramon
  • Richard Parker

In Memory of Jody Maddox

  • Joan Rogers