One size does not fit all.

Every child deserves treatment tailored to their unique needs.

Just as no child should be defined by a single trait or characteristic, no treatment should revolve around a single symptom – or utilize a one-size-fits-all therapy approach. Developmental and behavioral challenges are frequently multi-dimensional. At Child Study Center, not only do we understand that, we embrace it. We look beyond a single symptom and into the complex whole problem. By focusing on a child in context of his or her complete environment, our specialists can work with parents to bring a child's full potential to light.

Every Child Deserves Results

Our world-class clinicians and highly-trained staff in each Department are dedicated to that mission.

Developmental Pediatrics Department

The Robert W. Decker Developmental Pediatrics Department provides expert diagnosis and subspecialty medical care to children who have a full range of complex developmental disabilities and associated disorders. Neurodevelopmental and Developmental Behavioral pediatricians evaluate each child according to his or her unique needs. The diagnostic process involves physical examination, observation, and possible developmental or medical testing. Most children are followed and treated by Child Study Center physicians through childhood.

Applied Behavior Analysis Department

Applied Behavior Analysis Department (ABA) provides behavior analytic services to children with developmental disabilities. Supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), intense therapy treatment recommendations are based on scientifically tested behavioral principles and procedures. ABA also involves continuous evaluation of treatment progress and clinical decision-making based on each child. ABA is the only treatment approach with rigorous scientific evidence to support its effectiveness as both comprehensive and focused treatment for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Developmental Pediatric Department focus areas

  • Developmental Pediatrics
  • Psychology Services
  • Child Development Clinic

Applied Behavior Analysis Department focus areas

  • Autism Services
  • Behavior Disorders Clinic