Developmental Pediatrics 

Our goal is to design a program of care that gets results for each child and their family. If your child has been referred to Developmental Pediatrics for diagnosis, you will be seen by a subspecialty trained physician or nurse practitioner (NP). Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatricians focus their entire professional practice on diagnosing and treating children with developmental and behavioral disorders. The Center is the only source for this subspecialty care in Tarrant County.

During the initial evaluation, an interview is conducted, allowing the clinician to thoroughly explore the child’s medical, developmental, behavioral, and other relevant family history. The clinician also performs a physical and neurological examination, which may include a standardized test for behavior and development. Based on results of the examination, some children may require additional lab work such as blood, radiological, and genetic testing. Depending on the assessment, the child may be referred for treatment including therapies offered within the Center or, if needed, to outside agencies (e.g. speech/occupational therapies). After initial assessment, the child may be seen many times and followed up to 21 years of age. Many children also require medication management and ongoing developmental observation to assure the child's full potential is achieved.